Lithgow Laser Clinic
Our mission is to turn back the clock and make you feel beautiful again!
We listen to your concerns and advise appropriate treatment options so a program can be formulated that is suited to your budget and lifestyle.

As you are aware, there are a huge number of services and products available on the market and sometimes it may be difficult to decide which is the best service or product to choose. Results based treatments and products are our singular focus.

Fractional Laser
Has menopause made your skin sag? Are you getting more and more wrinkles? Do you have sun damaged skin? Do you have acne scarring? Or do you simply feel down about how your skin looks. Lithgow Laser Clinic has the answer-fractional laser. No injections or surgery required.

Lithgow Laser Clinic is proud to own the
Emerge Fractional Laser, made by Palomar. This laser has overtaken the Fraxel brand of Fractional Laser in the US because of it's much reduced down time after treatments.

The treatment plan requires a number of sessions. You will experience a warm, mild prickling sensation during treatment and experience erythema (redness). Some clients also experience a little swelling on the day of the treatment. It is also normal to experience mild exfoliation over 2-5 days . Unlike other fractional lasers, you will not have any down time due to peeling skin.

The Emerge addresses signs of ageing and maintains younger looking skin. It focuses on skin texture and tone, firmness and elasticity, reduces dullness, pigmentation and sun damage, minimizes pore appearance and gives a smoother more uniform look, achieves longer term improvements through collagen remodelling and increases permeability.

Energist Ultra
Do you have spider veins, rosacea or skin that flushes easily? Do have to hide the redness/veins with makeup ? Do you get ingrown hairs or shaving rash? Lithgow Laser Clinic has the answer-the Energist Ultra to treat spider veins, rosacea, redness and remove hair permanently.

We are proud to be able to offer the very latest in light based technology. After undertaking a lot of research into the various systems available, we chose to go with
the Energist Ultra System, which is proven to be one of the most effective, and one of the safest sytsems on the market today. It is approved in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (many are not!).

The Energist Ultra has been designed to provide both effective hair reduction and skin rejuvenation treatments which includes treatment of sun damaged skin, wrinkles-stimulation of collagen production, age/sun spots, pigmentation, freckles, spider veins, skin redness & flushing, rosacea, scars and acne.

Unfortunately, in Australia, there are currently no regulatory guidelines as to who can operate a laser or Intense Pulsed Light device-no qualifications are required. The consequences of this are regularly featured on national television. All treatments at Lithgow Laser Clinic are performed by a qualified Registered Nurse with 30 years experience undertaking procedures in Light Based Therapies and the Health Profession. The Dermal Therapist holds Government Accredited Graduate Qualifications in Laser, Intense Pulsed Light and Advanced Skin Analysis. The clinic is also laser safety certified.

Diamond Microdermabrasion
The diamond microdermabrasion machine uses a diamond head applicator to abrade the dead skin cells-no dangerous or messy crystals. This process makes the skin clearer, smoothes wrinkles, lightens pigments, cleans blackheads and impurities, makes scars less visible, thins and smoothes leathery skin and promotes the formation of smoother and clearer, more youthful-looking skin. Elke, the dermal therapist, is well known for her outstanding microdermabrasion treatments.

Jan Marini Skin Research Australia-Best Skin Care System sold in a doctors office since 2011!

Lithgow Laser Clinic stocks Jan Marini Skin Research because the potency of the products bring about visible improvements in the skin. Jan Marini can only be sold by a registered medical professional ie they can not be bought over the counter ie. at a beautician or department store, or online without a medical consultation. These products are treatment strength active formulations based on medical research and are designed to address a particular problem. Jan Marini Skin Research are at the cutting edge when it comes to skin care ingredients. Their products are an anti-ageing powerhouse, proven through independent studies to provide rapid and lasting improvement in the appearance of ageing skin. This technology was awarded the Nobel Prize for Telomere and Telomerase research!  Jan Marini has been awarded 'Best Skin Care System' in the USA every year since 2011. We have stocked Jan Marini Skin Research  products since 2006 and are constantly receiving excellent feedback from our clients. They have even greatly exceeded our expectations!

Minerelle Makeup Australia

We chose to go with Minerelle because it is a professional mineral makeup which is made of only pure minerals and is made in Australia for the Australian climate. It is a concealer, foundation and finishing powder all in the one product and is very easy to apply. It also contains the natural mineral UV reflectors Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which provide protection against UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.
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